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Cayman Islands Sailing Club

   Site of the North American and Caribbean 
 Youth Olympic Games Qualifier
Sailed March 10th to 15th

Event News:

It's all over except for the prize giving! Ian Barrows a clear winner with an awsome display of sailing skills.
March 15, 2010


Top 6 overall
1 Ian Barrows ISV
2 Eugene Hendrix AHO
3 Marti Llena ESP
4 Kevin Otterdijk AHO
5 Rahiem Steede BER
6 Kalin Hillier BER
Top three Female
1. Sarah Douglas CAN
2. Marina Maffessanti CAY
3. Sarah Stubbs USA
Top 4 qualifying counties - male
US Virgins, Netherlands Antilles, Bermuda and Cuba
Top 4 qualifying countries - female
Canada, USA, Cuba and Dominican Republic

Trophy photos will follow shortly.

Day 4. Winds lighten up, racing gets closer, a new name in the winner's column, Ian Barrows still dominates
March 15, 2010


Results after 13 races   

Although the top ten places look fairly well established, Marti Llena ESP moved into 3rd place on the strength of two first place finishes in the 2nd and last races of the day. However, he is only 2 points up on Kevin Otterdijk AHO, winner of the day's first race but they are both well clear of Rahiem Steede BER in 5th place.
Unless something dramatic happens in the final 3 races, Ian Barrows ISV and Eugene Hendrikx AHO will be in the top two spots. Ian won the third race, is dropping a 4th and a 5th, counting all 1sts, 2nds and 3rds and has an 11 point lead on Hendrikx.

Matinez CUB had a difficult day in the lighter air and dopped behind Bermuda in the country qualifying position. However he is still on course to qualify his country for the Youth Olympic Games.
Sarah Douglas CAN leads the women and is now well clear of Marina Maffessanti JAM.  Third is Sarah Stubbs USA with Sanlay Castro CUB and Paloma Esteban Pao DOM rounding out the top 5.
Top four Youth Olympic Games country qualifiers are as follows after nine races.
A few photos from the day follow. For a great series of photos of the event, visit Bemudan Somers Cooper's website.


Day 3. Four races. Ian Barows ISV, 4 firsts. Hard to beat that!
March 13, 2010

Results after 9 races   Updated after protests 

The wind did what the gurus said it would do and clocked around to the Northwest overnight. Wind strength stayed in the 12 - 15 kt range durinjg the day and it was certainly to Ian Barrows liking as he reeled off 4 first place finishes and stretched his 1 point overnight lead over Eugene Hendrix AHO to 7 points by the end of the day. Hendrix meanwhile was having a 4, 3, 4, 2 day putting him clear of team mate Kevin Otterdijk by 13 points.

Marti Llena, the already-qualified Spanish entry to the YOG had his best day with a 7, 2, 2, 3. Lester Hernandez Martinez CUB, still carrying a DSQ (2nd drop kicks in on Sunday), sits 5th and Rahiem Steede BER rounds out the top 6.
The women's places remain in the same order but Sarah Douglas CAN has opened up a 7 point lead on Marina Maffessanti JAM.

Top four Youth Olympic Games country qualifiers are as follows after nine races.
Some photos from the day follow but, for a great series of photos of the event, visit Bemudan Somers Cooper's website.



Day 2. Winds finally drop and RC gets off 3 good races in the late afternoon
March 13, 2010

Results after 5 races   Updated after protests 

Eugene Hendrikx AHO (Curacao) and Ian Barrows ISV (US Virgin Islands) consolidated their positions at the top of the standings on Day 2 with only a point separating them and the three Curacao sailors, Hendrix, Otterdijk (3rd overall) and Van Aanholt (6th overall and Race 5 winner) have established themselves as the top team in the event.
Cuban entry Lester Hernandez Martinez was sitting in 3rd overall when the results were posted but lost his 4th place finish in race 3 with a disqualification. This dropped him to 7th but Cuba still remains among the top four teams.

Top Bermudan is consistent Rathiem Steede in 4th with all his finishes between 4th and 6th.
Winds speeds lower than Day 1 but were still in the high teens at the start of racing. They had tapered off to 12 - 15 kts by the end of racing.

There was a bit of excitement when the airport authority politely requested (read insisted!) that the course be moved at least 1/4 mile away from the end of the runway. At that point the weather mark was right under the glide path. If one scales off the top of the CII mast, it would appear that Air Canada is about100 feet off the water.
In the women's scoring Canadian Sarah Douglas continues to lead but Marina Maffessanti JAM is only a point behind. Marina cannot qualify for the YOG.
Top four Youth Olympic Games country qualifiers are as follows after five races.
Some images follow.

Championship gets underway and... Man it's honkin!
March 11, 2010

Marina Maffissanti JAMaica leads Erik Holblom DOMinican Republic into the leeward mark. 
Day 1 - Two races sailed in 18 knots, gusting 22
Thursday, March 11, 2010

Winds swung to the Southeast after several days of prevailing Northeast trades and the competitors were met with challenging conditions in a steady 18 knots gusting to 22. Probably the most difficult ride of the day was the dead run to the start line across the Bay from the Sailing Club!
Challis Diaz ISV makes her way to the start line

Oliver Fogerty CAY before the start . With an 8th and a 10th he sits 9th overall but is too old to qualify for a YOG country spot.

They're off! Rahiem Steede BER takes the committee boat end at the start of the first race. He would end up 4th in the race and, with another fourth in the 2nd race, sits in 3rd oveall.
Ian Barrows ISV (US Virgin Islands) started off in the first race exactly the way he started off in the World Championship in Kingston last August - 1st at the first mark! He then worked out a huge lead but surrendered it in the end to Kevin Otterdijk AHO (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles) with another Curacao sailor, Eugene Hendrix taking third place.

It looked like it would be the same two going at it for the top two spots again in Race 2 but Kevin Otterdijk was OCS. Ian Barows ISV took the top spot, Eugene Hendrix AHO 2nd and 3rd place went to Cuban sailor, Lester Hernandez Martinez.

Results will be posted very shortly but, in the interim, the top 10 are:
Ian Barrows ISV
Eugene Hendrix AHO
Rahiem Steede BER
Kalin Hillier BER
Marti Llena ESP*
Dimitri Stevens BER
Lester Hernandez Martinez CUB
Just Van Aanholdt AHO
Oliver Fogerty CAY**
Owen Siese BER
Sarah Douglas CAN leads the women and sits in 11th.

*Marti has already qualified Spain in the European Championship
**Oliver over-age to qualify
Top four Youth Olympic Games country qualifiers are as follows after two races.

Lizzie Wauchope CAY cruising in to the leeward mark in Race 2

Twelve Caribbean nations together with Canada, Guatemala, Bermuda and USA arrive in Cayman for YOG Qualifier
March 9, 2010


Sixteen nations are set to start racing in the waters of Grand Cayman on March 10th for the Byte CII North American Championship and for the four male and four female country qualifying positions in the upcoming Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in August.
ISAF Vice President Teo Ping Low from Singapore spent one of the pre-regatta training days at the Cayman Islands Sailing Centre, hosts of the event, meeting many of the young 15 and 16 year old sailors. He is seen below with the team from Cuba.

                                                   Team Cuba

Sanlay Castro, Coach Maricela Duarte Sanchez, Lester Hernandez Martinez and Teo Ping Low..

Below, teams from the Dominican Republic and Bermuda come ashore after one of the numerous training sessions that have been taking place for the last three days amongst all the nations. A practice race kicks off the 16 race series on Wednesday.

                                                 Team Netherlands Antilles

Eugene Hendrix, Just van Aanholt and Kevin van Otterdijk

                                                           Team Cayman

Christopher Delaney, Lizzie Wauchope, Marina Maffessanti and Ben Williams                                                 
                                                Team Dominican Republic

Eduardo Ariza Marrero, Paloma Esteban Pao and Erik Holmbom
                                                            Team Bermuda

Kalin Hillier, Mackenzie Cooper, Alex Davis, Rahiem Steede, Omen Siese and Dimitri Stevens

                                                               Team USA

Sarah Stubbs is the lone entry from the US
                                                               Team Espana!
Marti Llena has qualified Spain in the European Championship and is in Cayman for training.

                                                           Team Canada

Cameron Ho, Emily Merry, Violet Stafford and Sarah Douglas

                                                           Team Jamaica

Jamaican Marina Maffessanti is studying in Cayman and sails out of the host Club

                                                   Team US Virgin Islands
Challis Diaz, Ian Barrows and Coach Krista Siino

Cayman Islands Government and Local Business rally behind Championship
February 4, 2010

In a huge outpouring of support, the Cayman Islands Governent and a large cross section of local business are assisting the Cayman Islands Sailing Club (CISC) in its bid to have the CII North American Championship and Youth Olympic Games Qualifier the outstanding experience of the season for the young sailors attending the regatta. So far, 13 countries are represented - Bermuda, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Jamaica, Netherlands Antilles, Spain, St Lucia and the US Virgin Islands. The Spanish entry has already qualified for the games in her continental Qualifier but is coming to Cayman for the experience and practice and a chance to win the Open Championship.
Note: The sponsors appearing below are in a completely random order that bears no relationship to the amount of the sponsorship or the time of their enrollment.(Editor)

                        Cayman Islands Government Sports Ministry
Jennifer Ahearn, centre left, representing the Cayman Islands Government as the Permanent Secretary & Chief Officer, Ministry of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports, & Culture and, next to her, Member of the Legislative Assembly Dwayne Seymour, with the CISC Youth Sailors and CISC Staff.

                                                          Cayman Camera

Jane Moon, Principal Organizer of the event for the CISC, receives a sponsorship cheque from Bouke Maddock, Manager, Cayman Camera and his staff.

                                       RBS Coutts (Cayman) Limited
Jane Moon with David Foster, Head of Private Banking, RBS Coutts Cayman, presenting his firm's sponsorship cheque to Andrew Moon, CISC Commodore.

                                                     Water Authority - Cayman

Cayman Islands Sailing Club represented by Andrew Moon, Commodore, Katrina Davis CISC Coach, Peta Adams CISC Race Officer and Jane Moon, Event Organizer receive a sponsorship cheque from John Bodden, Representative of the Water Authority - Cayman.

                                                    Harbour House Marina

Jane Moon receives a sponsorship cheque on behalf of CISC from Jose Bush-Aleman at Harbour House Marina.

                                                 RBC Royal Bank

CISC recieves a check from Sandra Coe of RBC Royal Bank.
From Lef  to Right, Katrina Davis CISC Coach, Mike Weber CISC Director of Sailing, Athlete Alex Walton, Sandra Coe RBC and Athlete Chris Delaney.

                                Cayman Islands Olympic Committee

A handsome cheque indeed! CISC Members, Commodore Andrew Moon, Athlete Chris Delaney, Athlete Marina Maffessanti and Mike Weber Director of Sailing receive a much appreciated cheque from Donald McLean, President of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee. This is a wonderful example of how some of the smaller nations
of the world are throwing their full support behind the first-ever Youth Olympic Games to be held in August this year in Singapore.

                       Brickhouse Restaurant and Black Pearl Skate Park

Mike Weber, CISC Sailing Director with John Mack of Brickhouse Restaurant and Black Pearl Skate Park in front of the wave machine. The Brickhouse and Black Pearl are hosting the competitors to dinner on Sunday night, the 14th, where they will also be able to use the wave machine!



Cayman Airways announces preferred fares for competitors taking part in the Y O G Qualifier
January 13, 2010

Preferred fares have been announced by Cayman Airways for competitors taking part in the Qualifier as well as for their families. Details are in the Travel section

Cayman Islands Sailing Club lays on a pre-event Clinic
December 26, 2009

A Pre-NA Qualifier CII Clinic is being held at the Cayman Islands Sailing Club and National Sailing Centre on Monday and Tuesday March 8th and 9th from 9:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs.

The fee for the Clinic (both days included) is $100 per person and the Charter boats are being made availabe for use in the clinic at no additional cost.

If you intend to attend the clinic, it would be appreciated if would make your intentions known to Michael Weber, the Sailing Director at: 
[email protected]


10 North American and Caribbean Countries already signed up for YOG Qualifier
December 11, 2009

Barbados, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and the US Virgin Islands are already on board for the CII North American Championship and th NA and Caribbean Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Qualifier coming up March 10 - 15.. Four more countries are working on the logistics for a team.

Cayman will be the fifth, and final, Continental qualifier for the boy's and girl's singlehanded discipline at the YOG. Asia and Europe have just concluded the first two very successful events in Pattaya,Thailand and Imperia, Italy and you can follow the links to those championships. Oceania is next in Largs, Australia in early January, South America follows at the end of January in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Cayman winds it up in March. However, that is not the end of qualifying!

ISAF have designated a final championship to be Open, at which ANY country can qualify for the remaining 6 spots in the girl's and 6 in the boy's. This will be the Byte CII 2010 World Championship in Cannes, France and the
Yacht Club de Cannes NOR is already posted. 




RBS Coutts (Cayman) Limited
Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd.
Greenlight Reinsurance Ltd.
Cayman Islands Olympic Committee
RBC Royal Bank
Black Pearl Skate Park
Brickhouse Restaurant
Habour House Marina
Caribbean Club
Cayman Camera
Water Authority - Cayman
Flowers Bottled Water
Mise en Place
InFocus Photos
Vision Marketing/Signs of Paradise
Cayman Islands Red Cross


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