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2013 Byte CII World Championship

               & Youth Olympic Games Open Qualifier.

Welcome to The Sail Newport!
The 2013 Byte CII World Championships and Youth Olympic Qualifier are currently underway at the Sailing Center between
August 24th and 28th 

Event News:

Championship ends with Hungary taking it all. Vadnai wins overall and Erdi the women's title
August 28, 2013

Races 12 and 13 shook up the fleet again today with the lower end of the fleet turning in some of their best results of the regatta. A fog and a postponement started off the day but, when it lifted, PRO Anderson Reggio was able to get off the first race in a 6 - 7 knot south westerly. The second race was sailed in a slightly lighter southerly that started to die at the end of the race as the fog rolled back in. However, even though the shake up was enough to change the top five overall, it was not enough to change the male standings.
Jonatan Vadnai of Hungry had conservative finishes of 4th and 9th which added to his overnight lead over Henry Marshall of the US who had finishes of 10th and 16th for a second place finish overall. Pavle Zivanovic had the best scores of the day with two 2nds but there was too much ground to make up with Marshall and he finished third. Bernie Chin of Singapore maintained his fourth place overall with finishes of 6 and 13 and a well earned spot for his country.
Going into the last day the top five overall were all male sailors but Maria Erdi of Hungary ended that in a fifth place finish tied with Justin Vittecoq of Canada. Erdi's 1st place in the 9th race broke the tie but still left Vittecoq in sixth overall, claiming the 5th qualifier spot in the male division. 
Male country qualifiers
United States
In the women's division, Odile Van Aarnholt of the Netherlands topped the regatta for the first 11 races but, on the last day, had her lowest scores of the week with a 26th and an 18th. This dropped her more than the 6 point lead she carried into the day to give the World's female title to Maria Erdi of Hungry but good for a solid second place finish and a place in Nanjing.
Erdi sailed exceptionally well and was the only female in the top five overall to have race results in the top 5 with 1, 3, 3, 4, 5 finishes. 
Cecilia Wollmann of Bermuda maintained her third place amongst the women and Samantha Yom from Singapore held on to 4th.  Florence Allan of Cayman started the day in the fifth qualifying spot but had a couple of poor finishes and Celeste Lugtmeijer from the Dominican Republic slipped into the spot.
Female Country Qualfiers 
Dominican Republic
For a great portfolio of photographs by Rodrigo that are published every evening, go to the Andes Visual website:>
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Day Four. 8 knot oscillaitng northerly shakes up the fleet. 11 races now sailed.
August 27, 2013

Heavy rain caused  postponement of the day's racing but, when it cleared, the competitors were met with a northerly oscillating up to 35� all afternoon. Two races saw the competitors going around the course as if tied with a rope and the racing was exceptionally close. Unfortunately, the sun came out and started to kill the wind with the last race barely making the time limit.
As there have been 11 races sailed, the competitors now have a second drop and the score sheet is looking more and more like the final thing.
Jonatan Vadnai, HUN had a harder time of it in the lighter air with 17, 17 finishes in the first two races (which he has dropped) but took a 2nd in the last very light air race. Henry Marshall, USA had a better day with a 6,13 (dropped) and a 1st and is now only 12 points behind Vadnai. Pavle Zivanovic, CRO remains in third but Peter Dill, BER has dropped out of the top five. Bernie Chin, SIN has moved into 4th and Justin Vitecoq CAN has now taken over the 5th country spot. He had the best overall results of the day with a 3, 2, 8.
In the women's lineup, Odile Van Aanholt, NED retained her lead with finishes of 5, 6 and a DSQ (dropped) but Maria Erdi, HUN had stronger finishes of 1, 4, and an OCS (also dropped), and is only 6 points out of first so tomorrow will be an exciting day for these two as they are well clear of the rest. Cecilia Wollmann, BER remains in 3rd but Capucine Raguet, FRA, who had vaulted into 4th yesterday, slipped out of the top five and Samantha Yom, SIN is now 4th. Florence Allan, CAY has moved back into 5th.
For a great portfolio of photographs by Rodrigo that are published every evening, go to the Andes Visual website:
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Day Three of the Championship and, for the third time, Hungarian Jonatan Vadnai is unbeatable
August 26, 2013

Click here to view Byte Worlds 2013

On day two of the regatta, Steve Perry, owner of Zim Sailing who is the builder of the Byte and who has supplied all the charters, took an excellent portfolio of photographs which can be viewed by clicking above. For more information, contact Steve: mailto:[email protected]
Shots from the day
Meanwhile, on the course today, Jonatan Vadnai sailed four perfect races and now sits with seven 1st place finishes! The rest of the top five remained unchanged with Henry Marshall USA getting three 2nds and a 3rd and this put him a comfortable 23 points ahead of Pavle Zivanovic of Croatia in 3rd. 4th and 5th are still held by Peter Dill, Bermuda and Bernie Chin, Singapore. They are only a point apart but 30 points ahead of Paul De Souza, Bahamas and Justin Vittecoq, Canada.
Amongst the females, Odile Van Aarnholt, Netherlands sits in 6th overall and is still the leader sitting 12 points up on Maria Erdi of Hungary. 3rd female is Cecilia Wollmann, Bermuda followed by a new face in the top five - Capucine Raguet from France. Capucine is in the boat for the first time at this regatta and, starting with a 29th place in the Pre Worlds, has worked her way up to 4th female and was sailing in the top ten today. 5th female is Samantha Yom of Singapore.                                Womens only results
This picture is worth a comment on the configuration of the Netherlands boat. Wind is 15 kts and the skipper is 59 kgs or 110 lbs. The boat is flat, the skipper is hiked comfortably and the boom is right on the corner of the deck to close the lower leech so she can hold her height. The upper leech on the other hand is wide open allowing the boat to be sailed flat which means that there is not much mainsheet tension. Getting the boom in over the corner is accomplished by having the traveller well to weather so that the tension in the mainsheet is not straight down - which can be seen in the photo.
For a great portfolio of photographs by Rodrigo that are published every evening, go to the Andes Visual website:
Click on Photos/Sailing and you will find the CII.

First three races of Championship sailed in perfect condtions as Vadnai of Hungary excels
August 25, 2013

Competitors lining up for the start of race 3
The wind came in late but, when it did come, it gave the sailors perfect 15 kt. conditions. Three races were sailed and, by the end of the day, it was clear that Jonatan Vadnai was going to be the competitor you would have to beat to win this championship. He had two 1st place finishes and a 2nd when he was yellow flagged on the beat for a Rule 42 violation and lost out to US sailor Henry Marshall. Henry sailed extremely fast today but was saddled with an OCS in the first race and a percentage penalty in the last race for a "Z" flag start violation. When the drops kick in tomorrow he will definitely move up the ladder.
There were some big moves in the fleet today, the most notable being Odile Van Aarnholt, Netherlands, who moved from her 12th place overall yesterday to 5th overall and the top of the female ladder. Other big movers were Justin Vittecoq, Canada, from 15th to 8th, and the biggest jump of all Paul DeSouza, Bahamas from 25th to 12th. 
The top 5 male countries are now Hungary, Singapore, Croatia, Bermuda and Thailand. On the female side they are Netherlands, Bermuda, Hungary, the Dominican Republic and Cayman. Click the women's only standings to see them as a separate score sheet.
The following is the start sequence and early beat of Race 2.
At the gun, Cecilia Wollman BER squeezes out Jonatan Vadnai HUN with Henry Marshall USA to weather
Jonatan HUN bears away under Cecilia BER. Note excellent start of Odile Van Aarnolt NED to weather
Jonatan sails low and fast in clear air. Henry USA has started to roll Cecilia BER
Jonatan eases up under Cecilia squeezing her into Henry. Odile NED continues to hold her lane
Cecilia is squeezed out and Jonatan bears way for speed. Odile is in the process of tacking away
Jonatan starts to move out on Henry
Jonatan has Henry at the weather mark - but not by much. They were noticeably the fastest in Race 2
For a great portfolio of photographs by Rodrigo that are published every evening, go to the Andes Visual website:
Click on Photos/Sailing and you will find the CII. 

Championship off to a perfect start with a three-race, Pre World's series
August 24, 2013

                                                       Full Results
PRO Anderson Reggio sent the fleet off in a 12-15 knot northerly on a double windward leeward course that, after three races, had really sorted out the pecking order. The Byte Class likes to do a full series as a warm up and not just a single practice race. The latter usually results in the lead boats heading home at the weather mark or after the first round and little is learned by the competitors or, as importantly, by the Race Committee.  For several teams this was their first regatta in a Byte and the three race series was welcomed. Competitors dropped one race and their placing on the day is now entered as their first race in the Worlds.
Vadnai HUN leads Marshall USA, Chin SIN and Zivanovic CRO at the first weather mark. Chin would win the race.
Jonatan Vadnai from Hungary sailed a perfect day with a 2, 1, 1 dropping the 2nd. Not far behind was Singapore sailor Bernie Chin counting a 1, 3 and tied in third were Peer Dill of Bermuda and Henry Marshall of the US scoring 4, 2. Rounding out the top five was Pavle Zivanovic from Croatia with a 3, 5. These are currently the top five male qualifying countries.
Top female was Cecilia Wollmann from Bermuda with a strong sixth. She was followed by Maria Erdi, Hungary in 9th, Odile van Aanholt, Nederlands in 12th, Florence Allan, Cayman in 16th and Celeste Lugtmeijer, Dominican Republic in 17th. At present these are the five female country qualifiers.
Vadnai HUN starts the second beat of race 2 just head of Marshall, USA and Cecilia Wollmann, Bermuda
George Maximov Bulgaria, leads Pablo Bertran CAY, Florence Allan CAY and Celeste Lugtmeijer, Domincan Rep.
All the competitors at the opening ceremony the previous night.

Byte CII Worlds gets underway with 22 Nations registered
August 23, 2013

'Byte CII World Championship 2013 - Measurement day in Newport, RI'    Byte CII

Registration was completed yesterday at the 2013 Byte CII Worlds at Sail Newport, Rhode Island USA and an amazing roster of 22 countries are represented at this event, which runs from August 24 to 28, 2013. 

40 boats are expected to line up for the Narragansett Bay area start and the number of countries represented at this event is a huge vote in favor of the single handed Byte CII, which was specifically designed for light weight sailors, which has been growing in popularity because it is provides an excellent transition between the Optimist and the Laser.

Today a short sharp Pre-World�s racing day with a maximum of three races to be sailed. But this event has a twist, as the combined rankings after those Pre-World races will be carried into the Worlds as a single race score, after the fashion of the ISAF World Sailing Cup events.

A maximum of thirteen World Championship races are scheduled with Race One being the competitors placing in the Pre- Worlds. There will be a maximum of four races per day on each of Race Days Two, Three, Four, and Five, Sunday August 25th thru Wednesday 28th August.

Once five races are completed from race day two onwards a single worst result drop will come in, after nine races, two worst race results will be dropped.

Anderson Reggio, the Principal Race Officer was upbeat on the eve of the event.

'As far as we can tell, the quantity of countries represented here tops any world championship ever hosted in Newport.

'The Byte CII is a quite dynamic boat which has attracted some of the world's best youth talent for this event.

'With tomorrow's pre-worlds forecast to take place in a strong northerly breeze, we will soon know who takes the early lead into the Worlds. Tomorrow's ranking after three races counts as the first race score in the main event beginning on Sunday morning on Narragansett Bay.'

The 2013 Byte CII World Championship is also an Open Qualifier for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing China.

The top ranked male and female competitor from the first five different nations in the final scoring, will qualify that nation for a respective male and female position in the singlehanded sailing discipline of the Youth Olympic Games as per the ISAF Qualification System.

This Championship only qualifies the nation and does NOT automatically qualify the sailor. The sailor finally selected for the Games will be chosen by the ISAF Member National Authority (MNA) of the qualified nation. 

Country - Total 
Bahamas - 1
Barbados - 1
Bermuda- 4
British Virgin Islands -1
Bulgaria - 3
Canada - 1
Cayman Islands - 4
Croatia - 1 
Dominican Republic
Ecuador - 1 

Finland - 3
France - 1
Hungary - 2 
Mexico - 2
Netherlands - 1  
Singapore - 6
Sweden - 1
Thailand - 1
Trinidad and Tobago - 1
U.S. Virgin Islands - 2
U.S.A. - 1





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