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Welcome to Sao Paulo, Brazil!
The Brazilian Byte Class Association (ABCB) and Yacht Club Santo Amaro under the authority of the S�o Paulo State Sailing Federation, FEVESP, and the Brazilian Sailing Confederation, CBVM, are extremely pleased to host the

2014 Byte CII South American Championship
                 Youth Olympic Games Qualifier for South and Central America
February 28th to March 6th, 2010
The NOR is posted on this site and information on the chartering of boats is on the Charter page.
The Yacht Club Santo Amaro is situated on Lake Guarapiranga, surrounded by the tropical rain forest but in the heart of Sao Paulo, one of Brazil�s most important cities and the country�s financial capital. The Yacht Club calls itself �the Club that builds world champions� and, indeed, it boasts an extraordinary membership of National, World and Olympic Champions.
More information on the location of this spectacular venue is on the Location page  


Event News:

Pedro Correa, Brazil, aces the regatta and Dolores Fraschini, Uruguay, dominates the women
January 17, 2000

The enormously successful South American Byte CII Championship and Youth Olympic Games Qualifier wound up yesterday, but not before all the competitors ganged up on the Organizers to delay the prize giving, convinced the PRO to go back out on the course and got all their coaches into the CIIs and out on the water for a race! It was hilarious with sailors manning the coach boats - and the yellow flags! It wasn't long after until all were in the pool.
Pedro Correa BRAZIL scored an unprecedented 10 wins for a 10 point total and, should he represent Brazil in China, he will be a heavy favorite. It must be remembered that the winners only qualified their country, not themselves, and several qualified countries will use the World Championships in Garda as a regatta to select their sailor.

Second  qualifier and in 2nd place in the regatta was Clemente Lacamara CHILE. He finished comfortably ahead of Angello Farias PERU who took the third country spot but was 5th in the Regatta.
Dolores Fraschini URUGUAY and Jarian Augusto PERU distinguished themselves in the regatta finishing 3rd and 4th. The point difference between them was less than a point per race! In 8th place overall and rounding out the female country qualifiers was Natascha Boddener BRAZIL.
At the end of the day, it was 2 places to BRAZIL, 2 places to PERU, 1 place to URUGUAY and1 place to CHILE.
Male country qualifiers
Female country qualifiers
We are waiting for more photos from the event.
You can log into the Santo Amaro Yacht Club Timeline on Facebook for more photos and once there you will have to log in to Facebook to scroll the photos.

Brazilian Pedro Marcondes Correa is completely dominating Youth Olympic Games Qualifier
January 16, 2000

Event News:

222 youth sailors from 6 South American countries are sailing the Byte CII South American Championship and a chance to qualify for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in China.

After 9 races, the young BRAZILIAN sailor Pedro Marcondes Correa remains unbeaten with a string of straight firsts, only 8 points and, at this point, it is a reasonable assumption that he will take one of the three country positions that are open to the male competitors. The next two country spots are currently held by Clemente Seguel Cacamara of CHILE in second place with 26 points and Juan Luis Videla of ARGENTINA in fourth place with 38 points. Just off the pace for a qualifying spot is Maximilian Roder Mori  of PERU only 4 points back. 4 races remain to be sailed and, after one more race, there is a second drop so the 3rd spot is still wide open.
On the women's side, there are also three country spots open. Dolores Moriera Fraschini of URUGUAY is in third place overall in the regatta with 28 points and well ahead of the next female competitor and will undoubtedly take one of the country spots.  Second female is Jarian Brandes Augsto of PERU in sixth place with 43 points. She too is well ahead of the third place female, Helena Van Saway de Marchi of BRAZIL in tenth place with 78 points. The third country spot, however, is still open as Kelly Gonzales Dryer of CHILE is only eight points back with four races and a drop to go.
See more photographs after the results below.
                              Overall Results after 9 races
The pin end appears to be favoured!!
Dolores Moriera Fraschini of Uruguay, 3rd overall, rolls over her competitor.
Juan Luis Videla, ARG, in 4th overall leads the pack on a planning reach.





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